Hygenix provide Interlocking Automated Door controlled environment systems, to provide safe, efficient and convenient access. 

Automated doors are eminently suitable for operational areas with high volumes of footfall and traffic and additionally reduce contamination, as door surfaces do not need to be touched. 

Of particular importance, in controlled environments, where rooms are operating under air pressure, using automations delivers a smooth, effortless operation.

Interlocking and Automated Doors from Hygenix

are perfect for installation and use in pharmaceutical cleanrooms, operating theatres, pharmacy laboratories, food manufacturing and even retail applications.

Door Interlocking Systems

To control the entry and exit of personnel and material in a secured area with multiple doors, using pre-designed logic scheme and fail-safe electric locks.

Every system is pre-designed and pre-packaged using integrated modules that are installed complete. 

Key features and benefits:

Works with manually hinged, sliding, automated hinged or roll-up doors 

Allows control over material air locks, personnel air locks, garment rooms, pass-through  boxes and


Compatible with all access control devices 

Up to 10 doors can be interlocked on one system

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