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Dependable Ultra-Hygienic sliding door solutions 

Hygenix Sliding Doors

  • Hygenix HGNX Manual Sliding doors and HGNX-05 automatic Sliding doors have been designed for applications where sliding action is required.


  • The HGNX-05 sliding door system provides the option of X-Ray protection for the user-defined lead rate. Sliding doors have proved to be a particularly popular option in care centre environments.

  • The use of Hygenix doors is particularly suited to harsh environments, hygienic areas or applications subject to high levels of water and moisture.

  • Hygenix doors are lightweight, durable, hygienic, safe and easy to use.

  • The pressure moulded encapsulated sandwich structure of Hygenix doors is built to be completely waterproof and gas-proof.


  • Hygenix doors will not rot, rust, swell or warp.


  • Hygenix doors will stay unaffected by continuous water and moisture even after decades of use.


  • Hygenix doors are seamless and have no joints or lippings. The non-porous smooth gel coat surfaces of Hygenix doors can withstand the strongest disinfectants and cleaning agents.

Sliding Doors Standard Options

  • Sliding Gear: KL door - Hygenix 100 aluminium sliding track with nylon rollers on ball bearings and adjustable rubber slide stops,

  • KLA door - Proprietary automatic systems including Besam, Dorma, Abloy and Geze,

  • .Track Cover: 316-grade stainless-steel or powder-coated aluminium track cover with PVC end plates.

  • Floor Guide: KL door - stainless steel floor guide with a plastic pin at the threshold beside the frame leg.

  • No floor track or threshold

  • Double Doors: KL door - bi-parting double doors, KLA door - automatic bi-parting double doors


  • Thousands of accessories are available. Please ask for more information.

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