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As part of the Hygenix commitment to maintain social distancing wherever possible, both during and after the Covid-19 Pandemic we have invested in Zoom video conferencing.

This will save countless hours of travelling for everyone and presents users with a clear, concise method for holding meetings, webinars and much more.

If you are due a meeting with any of our staff, we will schedule and invite you a Zoom video conference ahead of the due date and time.

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Microsoft Teams

Some corporates believe they are only able to use Microsoft Teams for technical reasons and we are happy to liaise using this method if entirely necessary.

Using Microsoft Teams, it is required that you share your contacts and only Microsoft products can be screen shared, which is not always convenient or useful in our experience.

Conversely, it is possible (and easy) to use Zoom even if you are not a registered user 

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Unit 1 | Beech Road | Kilbride | Arklow | Co Wicklow



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Head Office Contact: +353 404 58694

whatsapp sales: 00353 87 2736171

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