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Healthcare Workers

Hygenix for Hospitals and Care Centres:

The highest standards of hygiene are of the utmost importance in hospital environments. The encapsulated door structure and smooth surfaces of Hygenix doors and healthcare accessories make them extremely easy to clean and will not harbor dirt or bacteria.

Hygenix door surfaces can also withstand the strongest disinfectants and cleaning agents. A wide range of frame systems is available to suit differing wall constructions and jamb conditions. All frames complement the features and benefits of the door in terms of hygiene, durability, and aesthetics.

Hygenix Fire, Acoustic and X-Ray Doors as well as Standard Doors:

Hygenix doors product range includes Single Action Doors, Double Action Doors, and Sliding Doors. Sliding Doors have proved to be a particularly popular option in care center environments. Within hospital environments, Hygenix doors offer excellent strength, durability, and the highest standards of hygiene with no compromise on fire, acoustic, or X-ray performance. Hygenix product range includes also Fire Rated doors (F240, F120, F90, F60, F30), Classified Acoustic Doors (sound reduction index up to Rw dB35) as well as X-Ray doors (1-4mm lead rate). All these complement the features and benefits of the standard Hygenix doors in terms of hygiene, durability, and aesthetics.

Hygenix Electric Cable Consoles:

Hygenix electric cable consoles enable both functionalities and

co-ordinated look for the building design. The Hygenix product range includes traditional electric cable consoles as well as fire-rated F15 and F30 electric cable consoles tested according to European Standard EN 1634-1:2008.

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