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  • This Hygienic door option consists of a hermetic swing leaf composed of the following elements:

  • 40mm thickness perimetral profiling made of extruded aluminium, with a matt anodized finish.


  • The insulating inner core of 34 mm thick (standard) high-density injected polyurethane (55 kg/m3). The injection of polyurethane ensures the maximum adhesion between the components, making the door very compact, highly stable and with resistant performance.


  • Possibility of adding a lead shield and a plumbed sight glass.


  • Stainless steel/HPL exterior plate is easy to clean and suitable for hospital environments, with high resistance to the usual chemicals.

  • Direct connection to the ground to discharge static electricity at any point of the course.

  • It's possible to lock with an electric lock.


  • -Hermetical and perimetral rubber in EDPM, which provides flexibility and resistance to the pressure process that facilitates cleaning.


  • Hermetic frame made of vertical and horizontal aluminium systems finished in aluminium / stainless steel.


  • 400x400x40 mm square window (optional) with double glass assembled with a black-finish insulated glass, completely hermetic and flushed with the surface.

  • Custom vision Panels available as required


  • -Exterior and interior handlebars with a tubular shape, and a stainless steel finish enable the hermetic leaf to be manually operated.

  • The design and the manufacture meet the UNE 85170:2016 standards data STORAGE SOLUTIONS



Hospital door brochure

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