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Hygenix doors for Manufacturing facilities:

The manufacturing and warehouse premises call for specialist door sets to offer strength and durability. The seamless door structure and smooth surfaces of Hygenix doors make them extremely strong and durable in harsh environments.

The results from the Hard Body Impact test have shown that Hygenix doors belong to the best impact resistance test class. Hygenix doors also withstand the strongest disinfectants and cleaning agents. The large product range of Hygenix doors includes also Strip Curtains to offer options for environments requiring versatility.

Hygenix Strip Curtains:

Our strip curtains are for use in indoor openings where due to high levels of traffic, including trolleys and forklift trucks, conventional doors would be inappropriate. Hygenix strip curtains allow the free flow of traffic but at the same time protect the building against cold, wind, and rain. They can also help to control noise and dust transmission. Strip curtains are custom-made to the required door opening size. Manufactured from transparent PVC plastic, the material is suitable for use at temperatures down to -50 °C on internal or external applications.

Hygenix Fire and Acoustic as well as Standard Doors:

Hygenix's product range includes Single Action Doors, Double Action Doors, and Sliding Doors. Hygenix product range includes also Fire Rated doors (F240, F120, F90, F60, F30) and Classified Acoustic Doors (sound reduction index up to Rw dB35). All these complement the features and benefits of the standard Hygenix doors in terms of hygiene, durability, and aesthetics. The wide range of colors, accessories, vision panels, etc. for Hygenix doors are all available according to the client's specifications.

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