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                  DOOR CONFIGURATION:

Our Hermetic Door (HNX-5i) is available in many different configurations

The maximum width and height of the door is 3000×3500mm. The working dimensions are 2960 x 3460.

  • Standard hermetic door

  • Standard bi-parting door

  • Standard full glass door

  • OT door and 1 mm lead inlay

  • OT  door and 2 mm lead inlay

  • OT  door and 3 mm lead inlay

  • Standard door sound reduction: 27 DB – 32 DB

  • Available in GRP, HPL, GLazed, and fully stainless steel finishes.

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In maintaining a certain air hierarchy for hygienic reasons a slider will have a minimal disturbance of air movement. While the slider cuts the air and the particles in the air, the hinged door sweeps like a broom.

Disturbance of the air-hierarchy is huge and a factor 5 compared to a slider. Each door opening will have a tremendous effect on air-hierarchy, air hygiene, and restoration time to come to a set equilibrium. The door should be silent in use and should give free passage for trolleys and beds to go in. No threshold or sill to disturb a smooth passage.

The construction of the door should have enough flexibility to allow for: a door blade that can contain 2-3-4-5- up to 12 mm of lead for radiation purposes.


The HNX-5i is a slider and never in the way. Opening time is short and a variety of open positions can be Programmed: nurse-, trolley- and bed-opening. The HNX-5i sliding door

functions relatively independently of dimensions. Larger sliders are as easy to use as smaller ones. Automating sliders is easy and can even be done later in the process.

The biggest advantage, however, will be that the slider takes up little valuable space. It is never in the way, doesn’t need guidance in opening and closing, is silent, no contact passes, is hygienic, and 100% hermetic.


The flexibility that can accept door blade constructions to reduce sound (27 dB, 32 dB, 40 dB, 55 dB) in case of MRI-scan rooms. The airtightness of the door should work both ways (under pressure and overpressure) in order to be equipped as a quarantine door and operating room door at the same time.

The HYGENIX HNX-5i satisfies all criteria: a simple and effective rail construction that will take care of 100% hermetic closure. The door blade weight will ensure firm and solid sealing. Hygenix mainly thinks in sliders and non-touch door passages. Automation will be fully integrated into the door concept. Hygienic (cleanable) quick, not in the way (slider), choice of opening positions (nurse, trolley, bed), no sill but floor guiders outside of the clear opening, reliability of the automation, service and maintenance concept and not to forget very economically priced!!


Hygiene is one of the most important criteria when we talk of smart hospital solutions. The HNX-5i is a slider and stands out positively when we think of viruses and wound infections that might negatively influence the operational outcome.

Hermetic closure and minimizing the problem of infection, sliding and thus a minimal disturbance of air particles resulting in a very short air restoration time, easy to clean and sliding on the outside of the operating room are all elements of the NHX-5i that will classify this door concept as a perfect entrance solution embracing many, if not all, of the customer’s needs.


To reduce the necessary energy level one has to think in compartments. Compartments that are destined to have different air-pressures must be sealed off hermetically in order to properly maintain air-hierarchy. Compartments that have different air-pressure, are adjacent and indirectly connected with each other face two major problems:
Maintaining a certain air-hierarchy and keep air restoration time as short as possible.

Energy reduction has to do with the decision on how big the compartments will be, on how many direct or indirect open passages are allowed, on the number of interconnections between compartments, on hospital protocols on surgical teams and their protocols, and the way one tries to control human behavior.

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