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On March 11, 2020, COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation. 


Since that time, the global outbreak of respiratory infections has continued to increase exponentially, with older adults and vulnerable patients with underlying health problems appearing to be at the most risk. Evidence is now emerging that even children and young, fully-fit individuals can fall victim to the disease.

This pandemic highlights the needs for absolute hygienic integrity in all Cleanroom environments and Hygenix are committed to supplying and maintaining installations as a priority.

Hygenix takes the health, safety and well-being of our employees very seriously. What we’re all experiencing right now is unprecedented and demands a diligent approach by every company and individual within it.

In response to recommendations by the Irish Government and the  World Health Organisation, Hygenix has implemented a number of precautions to protect our employees while at the same time, continuing to supply critical services to our customers in a safe and professional manner.

    Employees are required to work from home if they feel ill, are ill, or have come in contact with anyone exhibiting any signs of the Coronavirus    

    We have enhanced internal measures related to personal hygiene which were already of the highest standard and are increasing our own high levels of sanitising our premises regularly.

    Internal social distancing recommendations are already in place.

Hygenix will continue to monitor the global situation as it develops and we will implement any further safety recommendations as they are advised.


Our intention is to continue to provide our customers with the products and services they require without any disruptions.


All of us at Hygenix urge everyone to stay safe and heed all Government and WHO recommendations.

Hygenix is being pro-active to the urgent needs presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.


To support life-sustaining and essential services, the company is equipped to reconfigure products for conversion of patient care rooms to negative pressure rooms, in case of shortages of airborne infectious isolation rooms.

Coronavirus and Covid-19 are here to stay and no one will be truly safe until a vaccine is found to be effective, which current estimates place around the two year mark.

Hygenix will be with you all the way.

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