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With Hygenix Wall Systems we offer the most technologically advanced Cleanroom product on the market.


The panel manufacturing technique, coupled with the GRP formulation and specification provides an impervious smooth surface which is inherently strong, and resistant to damage and chemical attack.


Unique Process

Unlike other construction materials our panels do not rely on an additional coating or finish to provide the required cleanroom surface, as they are moulded panels, allowing us to create many details in one single piece, avoiding joints, seals and connections.

Superior Specifications

Designed to FDA, GMP and ISO standards

Moulded construction (not flat sheet panels)

Walkable ceiling system

Integrated windows

Integrated furniture

Fire rated panels

Bespoke options available

Hygenix offer superior Cleanrooms

Available in a wide variety of standard and custom colours, grains and textures, panels can be processed on all thermoforming equipment.

Offers high impact strength, excellent abrasion resistance, stiffness and hardness with excellent formability and exceptional chemical resistance.

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