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About Us

At Hygenix we are known in our highly specialized field for what we do best, and that’s advanced Ultra-Hygienic door solutions for hygienic environments.
We possess many years of experience, specializing in providing door s
olutions to the world’s leading pharmaceutical, nutritional, health, food, and retail companies.
Our clients trust our advanced specialist door knowledge.

We listen to their needs and design the right door system to match. Our superior product range is designed to create Hygienic solutions and ultimately save our clients time and money.
Doors capable of resisting fire, water, laser, and x-ray. 

Why Choose?



We work with our partners to advise on specifying bespoke door solutions to ensure that every project arrives as you the client intended.

Our project Manufacturing partners have produced and installed more than 1 million door sets for clients globally. Hygenix.

Our doors either meet or exceed regulatory standards for hygiene and are fully compliant with EN, BS, Standards.

Our doors have been chosen by the vast majority of pharmaceutical companies, leading global nutritional companies, and some of the world’s largest food companies.


Our People

What makes us Different is our expertise, energy, and more refreshingly the Can-do positive attitude towards our clients our Hygenix people put into planning,

designing, and installing each project every working day.

With many years of experience, our in-house team delivers complex, bespoke door packages from initial design to final commissioning.

Our installation engineers have experience of working in a variety of production facilities.


We offer out of hours installation and service which means minimal interruption to working practices.

 Our guys and girls can supply you with door solutions to meet the most complex needs. Properly planned, made, installed, and serviced. 

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